Troyanda Society of Ukrainian Culture & Heritage

About Us

The Troyanda Society of Ukrainian Culture & Heritage has proudly contributed to the vibrant cultural mosaic in the Grande Prairie region for almost 50 years. Our society offers many programs, workshops and events which provide artistic and cultural experiences. .

Troyanda strives to keep the traditions of Ukraine alive and meaningful in our community. We encourage participation in our events and programs from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds – “you don’t need to be Ukrainian to join the fun!” 

We are a non profit organization operated by a volunteer board of directors and a very dedicated membership. We rely on provincial and municipal grants, corporate partnerships as well as fundraising events to meet our operating budget. 

The Troyanda Society has a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Whether it is our public events, our program instructors or program development, we continually strive to ensure we are honoring the culture and traditions of Ukraine.